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Detroit Metropolitan Area based Event and Portrait Photographer

phone: 248.343.7641

Hi, my name is George Page and I'm an event and portrait photographer based out of the Detroit Metropolitan area.

I specialize in creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your photo experience.

I pose shots as little as possible – relying instead on capturing the natural and spontaneous moments as they come.

Please visit my portfolio and view some of my favorite images from a selection of my most recent events and portrait work.

Check here to see my portfolio.

Please don’t forget to connect with me through your favorite social media platform ( Facebook is where you’ll find me the most often.)

PS. If you have any questions about my work or would like to talk about working together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the “Contact Me” link above.


My specialty is photographing events and portraits; however, I truly love taking all kinds of pictures, including senior pictures, prom pictures and pictures of children in their natural environment. 

So, I really love working with people - Thats it.

As far as pricing goes – there are to many variables that come into play, which is why I prefer to understand your needs and/or request prior to determining a price.  I will be very competitive.  

So, send me a message and let’s connect.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

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Statements from Friends and Happy Clients:

Odell Jones

I see you have some wonderful pictures of us.. we really had a ball there... thank you so much.. wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful and safe week god bless you

Valerie Crawford

What kind of camera did you use? Magnificent clear, crisp photos.

Coradine Thomas

George I just wanted to say thank you for the photos you really don't know how much this means to me. Keep on doing what you are doing I think you found your niche.

Toni Wilson

Special thank you to George for a great job on the family photos Christmas Day. You are doing an awesome job, and we appreciate you very much. Keep up the great work my brother.

Stephanie Stringer

Thank You Uncle George for taking such AMAZING pictures at my Bridal shower!!! You caught ever memorable moment and I am extremely grateful for your generosity!!! I love you and you Rock!!! I'm so happy and grateful!!

Latisha Tee Norris

I am so blessed for the amazing event on last night. I feel like my mission was accomplished because lives we're touch and people we're inspired. I have no pictures of my own so people please tag me. Photos by the photographer George Page will be posted soon! Stay tuned for the details of The Bold AND The Beautiful coming in August!

John L. Jackson III

George ,love your video footage... Thank you brother

Odell Jones

Heyyyyyyy !!! George Page Thank You Man For all Of The Wonderful Shots....You Are The Best!....May God bless You & The Family Always.....Enjoy Your Week...

Caroline Robinson Nelson

I agree with your daughter nice photos.

Pamela Davis

He had the REAL camera !!

Pamela Harrison

Beautiful pics

Toni Wilson

Special thank you to George for great photography work.

Alison Foster-Hug

Love these pictures.

Patricia A. Gray McDowell this..I picked up a pointer..the settings for taking a pic like this..

Douglas Leverett

Beautiful picture

Jaron Garza

Nice picture boss

NJeri Bell-Shackelford

Pretty Pictures!!!

Wayne Norman

Nice Photos!!!!

Bernadette Judkins

aww great pic!!!

Mary Simms

You take beautiful pictures!

Deanna Cofield Hamilton

George Page, you did an excellent job capturing the essence of the Black Girls Rock event!

Latisha Tee Norris

Thanks to the wonderful photographer George Page for an awesome job on the pictures. If you attended the event please share this album on your timeline and #blackGirlsRock

Mo’nika Bumpass-Dixon

Hey Deanna and congrats lady on the Talk Show! I missed the taping at the DDC, but I caught the show this morning at 5:30am (whew). Good stuff. You look marvelous in this picture...I c u Deanna Cofield Hamilton!

Shanail Mitchell

Gorgeous pics!

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